The publication of peer-reviewed papers in the journal necessitates on-going work, responsibility, liability, and collaboration from all parties involved, including authors, reviewers, the chief editor, managing editors, associate editors, editors, and board members. The chief editor/Managing editors are in charge of upholding/monitoring publishing ethics and maintaining the academic record. The Editorial Office is responsible for checking articles for fraudulent data or plagiarism. The editorial team’s goal is to keep the publication at the highest level of publication, which includes good quality, original, research-based articles, as well as corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies as needed. We value the contributions of all parties involved in the work that we publish.

Publication and Authorship

All submitted papers to FortWorth Journals are subject to a strict double-blind peer-review process.
The rejected articles are not being resent for reviewing.
The authors should provide all sources of data used in the research.

Terms & Conditions Policy

We will not accept responsibility for the contents of articles published in the journal, and all such liability will be borne by the author/s.